Sample Social Media – Video:

15-second “Scripts” draft

Sample Social Media – Posts:

Cross-platform mockups/upcoming drive

Sample Emails:

Recruiter email series test sends

Sample House Ads:

Assorted features and services house ads

Ladders 2022 Quarterly Remote Work Report (1st draft mockup, based on Ladders’ data):

Ladders Upcoming Newsletter (Mockup):

Sample B2B Blog Posts for Recruiters:

XML Job Post Management. As Easy As ABC?

Recruiters, The Great Resignation, and the Hiring (R) evolution

Remote Control: Cat-In-The-Lap Productivity, Hiring and Retention

Boom and Gloom: The Technology Downturn

Sample B2C Blog Posts for Members:

Make Your Resume Work for You

How Apply4Me Works for You (and Saves Hours of Drudgery)

Why Applying for Jobs Is Still the Star of Proactive Career Action (and Much Easier With Ladders)

Dream Jobs, Technology, and International Women’s Day

Wrote 73 two-page example resumes across 10 industries, + 73 cover letters, page intro blurbs, meta titles and descriptions (copy decks):

73 Resume Page Intro Blurbs

Three (of 73) Unique Resume Template Examples

73 Resume Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Wrote about five careers in rock for “Ladders News” while helping optimize subject lines for the department; recreated here on WP:

Bob Dylan’s Controversial Career 1961-1965

Elton John: How the Man Who Got Everything the Wrong Way Round Turned America Upside Down

How Ruthless Were The Beatles?

David Bowie’s Eyes and the Hero in the Sky

Frank Sinatra: the Mob and the Man

Ladders Editorial Team:

Error page:

Member Website Pages (Copy Decks):

Premium Preview Landing Page

Apply4Me Landing Page

Landing Page Example

About Us Page Intro

What Is “X”? (Page Intros)

Recruiter Website Pages (Copy Decks):

Recruiter Home – Landing Page

Recruiter Paid Ad Landing Page

Recruiter 1-Pager (Print)

"I apologize for writing such a long letter, but I did not have sufficient time to write a short one." Blaise Pascall.