Led rebranding from UFN (United Florist Network) to Lovingly. Created straplines based on a Lovingly/Florist business relationship:

Your Art, Our Expertise; A Beautiful Arrangement; Let’s Grow Together; Make Your Floral Business Bloom; and more – along with all site page copy, including:

Lovingly Homepage
Your Lovingly Store
Lovingly’s Story

Applied the SEO topic cluster model to six related long copy articles on wedding preparation I was asked to write – each linked from an introductory pillar page.

Big Day Basics – Pillar Page
How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers
How to Choose Your Wedding Colors
How to Choose Your Wedding Theme
How to Choose Your Wedding Venue
How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer
How Pinterest Helps You Choose Your Perfect Wedding Flowers

Wrote many posts; the two examples below are related to events created by Lovingly.

Lovingly’s Mother’s Day Love Story Winners!
Petal It Forward 2017: It’s the Thought That Counts

eBook written as part of a series of free resource eBooks.

eBook for Florists

Examples of campaign straplines/short copy.

Hustle & Bustle
Full Bloom
On-page Pop Up Strap and Blurb
Website Short Copy

Articles, rationales, and other work at various draft stages.

Survival vs. Success (long form content SEO)
The Secret to 21st Century Flower Power
Sales Letter – (long form page/eBook)
Reputation Management (rationale form and draft)
Strategy Report – second draft
Diversity and Inclusivity — The Key to Lovingly article (recreated in WP)

"I apologize for writing such a long letter, but I did not have sufficient time to write a short one." Blaise Pascall.