Tried. Tested. Trusted   Dimplex wanted a couple of new straplines and copy that dealt positively with innovation and an established history. The company used my straplines: “Tried. Tested. Trusted.” and “With Dimplex, trust is built in.”  on virtually all their collateral for a long time. This shows an early test of the first outing for the straplines, along with my original body copy, designed specifically to combine “experience” with “innovation”.

Blinded by science drive   An exciting challenge was presented when I was informed that Dimplex (GDC Group), had, over a period of years, wanted to attack competitors making false claims and selling product in a ruthless fashion. However, they had always backed out at the last minute, citing possible legal boundaries being stepped over in copy and concept that did not represent the company.  I chose my words and ideas carefully and the project was given the green light after our first presentation.

"I apologize for writing such a long letter, but I did not have sufficient time to write a short one." Blaise Pascall.