IBM solutions webpage   I took part in some early brainstorming on the look and feel of this site and was later brought in when the client felt copy being produced was not in the IBM tone, given the context. My effort was approved.

Ned and Gill campaign   I created this PowerPoint presentation in response to a brief for an internal campaign aimed at sales professionals neglecting small leads. I elected to use the IBM owned ‘Ned and Gill’ characters to create a humorous email campaign. My poster campaign also received praise from the client. (Slide 21.)

Documentaries   IBM wanted a digital advertisement for a series of short documentaries in the style of a “movie trailer.”  This is the first draft storyboard (with typo), that I came up with. The first cut was accepted, with the client calling it “compellingly dramatic”.

Mid-size business IBM Express Advantage drive  In-house, presentation level, rationale of the drive. Quality of visuals is not at the client presentation level. Concepts were co-created with my creative director.  Creative and rationale copy is mine.

Business consultancy drive – Direct Targets   Part of IBM’s Stop Talking, Start Doing campaign, this is the copy form of dialogue for four digital video clips advertising IBM’s Business Consultancy package.

Customer Loyalty/Advocacy banner  Concept: A2.

Customer Loyalty/Advocacy banner  Concept: B1.

Customer Loyalty/Advocacy banner  Mockup

Information On Demand EMEA conference   This is the copy form of a B2B email calling for speakers for IBM’s first IOD conference in Europe. To my surprise, even the temporary layout was approved.

Stop Talking, Start Doing event banner   This example shows the banner layout and click through home page of an IBM event drive banner.

 Stop Talking, Start Doing banner   This digital banner (layout) was part of IBM’s Stop Talking, Start Doing campaign and is a ‘standard’ format ad for the above mentioned documentaries.

Stop Talking, Start Doing – La Fenice   Another in the campaign, this digital banner (layout) was designed to encourage click through to a short documentary highlighting IBM’s partnership with Opera House La Fenice, Italy.

IBM Express Advantage product-specific email  A B2B email advertising Remote Data Protection Express, as part of the Express Advantage drive.

"I apologize for writing such a long letter, but I did not have sufficient time to write a short one." Blaise Pascall.