Duracell Daylite   Duracell wanted a digital ad for a torch product, as well as an effective tagline (‘Spot the difference’).  The example is an early draft storyboard.

myGrid concept 1   My idea here was to aim primarily at office workers by presenting the convenience of myGrid, as a cell phone charger, in comparison to the embarrassment of clambering around under desks, searching for an outlet.

myGrid concept 2   This concept was to use nostalgia, combined with the comedic aspect of outdated fashions and technologies, to target a broad audience and sell myGrid as an ultra cool, modern product.

(Note: Most of the copy in the myGrid examples above is not commercial, but rather concept notes.)

"I apologize for writing such a long letter, but I did not have sufficient time to write a short one." Blaise Pascall.