The first two Nestlé examples here demonstrate the difficulty in collating huge amounts of raw data and shaping them into long copy and short copy respectively.

Nutrition brochure   Headlines and large amounts of carefully cherry-picked raw data, organizing and editing, were required to write this brochure.

In Focus – Key Issues on Prematurity   With a medical writer away, I was chosen to read a white paper on Perinatology, try to understand the salient points, and create a blurb aimed at medical experts. And to highlight upcoming events. After gaining immediate approval, the project led to my being invited to work with Ogilvy Health on a couple of projects. This is the raw copy version.

Nestlé Hit Parade Sign Up email   I was put in charge of copy for the lifespan of the Hit Parade, which is an in-house awards contest and filmed ceremony concerned mainly with TV ads for Nestlé brands.

Nestlé Hit Parade Submissions email   The submissions email for the Hit Parade event.

Nestlé Hit Parade Thank You email   The final Thank You email sent after the event had found its winner.

Welcome to the Club

"I apologize for writing such a long letter, but I did not have sufficient time to write a short one." Blaise Pascall.