Hard Times campaign   Lenovo wanted to face the economic crisis of the time in its advertisements. This example shows my main campaign headline in this respect, along with product headlines and body copy; including individual product specs. This draft is not complete, but works ( I hope), as an example.

Lenovo Partner Network   The emphasis in the drive to help and encourage partners was on catchy headlines as well as short, concise copy. This is a rough draft example of a successful campaign.

Lenovo Partner Network   Another example from the same campaign. The background was ultimately changed to enhance the headline, but it was another winner.

Lenovo gift calendar   The torture of word counts. This gift calendar, part of a package for partners, had a word count of under 50 for the main body copy for each product, with the luxury of 80 for December. This is an unfinished raw copy draft.

Green machines   With ‘green’ issues a concern, Lenovo wanted to push the environmentally friendly aspects of their products. This simple banner pits a Chameleon against a ThinkCentre product.

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