TV Commercial and Poster Concepts

Another poster idea:

Development based on “edible art” (using crowds properly):

A crowd on a metro station is gathered around a piece of Ladurée art-work (Based on the glass-cased artworks in certain Metro stations). The train is stopped, doors open, completely empty. The driver is leaning out, staring at the crowd and scratching his head.

TV idea:

In a gallery, a snobby British critic is giving a comprehensive lecture about a Ladurée ‘Sculpture’ (Their chocolate pyramid, probably.) A cool young Australian photographer is taking pictures. Finally, the critic stops. The photographer, standing by the work, tells the critic:

“I agree with everything you said, mate.”

The critic is unimpressed. “How charming.”

“Apart from that bit about it being timeless. It’s not.”

(Offended) “And what is it, then?!”

The photographer takes a chunk from the sculpture and starts eating it. “Delicious, mate! That’s what it is! Absolutely delicious!” The crowd quickly moves forward and also start eating pieces of the art-work.

The critic runs from the room shouting: “Philistines!”

Aussy: “Phil who?”

Somebody shrugs and they all start laughing.

Caption: Ladurée. The art of creation.