Ladurée Poster Campaign Ideas

As a poster campaign:

1. Take the Ladurée chocolate pyramid, make it huge and plant it in the space currently occupied by the glass pyramid in front of the Louvre. Have it surrounded by people taking photos; stopping in their tracks and looking back at it; a couple of children pointing up at it.

2. Have one of Ladurée’s cherubs (complete with baker’s hat), presented as a marble sculpture on a column in the Louvre; nearby is the celebrated sculpture, “The Winged Victory Of Samothrace”. Both sculptures have a small crowd standing around each. In the case of the cherub, people are pointing, taking photos, looking surprised. In the case of the Samothrace, some are looking at it, but most are craning their necks to look over at the cherub.

3. Develop the pile of macarons displayed in the website into a towering multi-coloured tower/modern-art sculpture and place it in front of the Pompidou Centre. Again, people are staring, pointing, stopping in their tracks, etc.

or: Turn the macaroons into a tower that has a now small chocolate pyramid on top of it and put it in the place of the obelisk at Place de la Concorde.

LOGO: Ladurée: The art of creation.