Ladurée Campaign

Ladurée – the art of eating.

Ladurée – almost too good to eat.

Ladurée – Making tasteful little masterpieces since 1862.

Have a starter publicity stunt outside the Champ’s Ladurée shop, for which the ‘artists’ will have prepared a huge cake in the style of a painting – complete with a pastry frame and a surface which is a copy of an image from, or similar to, one from the Sistine Chapel.

Then invite the public to eat it.

POSTER: A large and prestigious looking art gallery. Art admirers are standing around a masterpiece, holding sliced out pieces of it in their hands, which they are clearly enjoying. Someone is cutting out a fresh piece. A small, comic guard, is pushing his hat back on his head and looking at them in amazement.

Logo: Baking great art since 1862.

The film of the initial event will be downloadable on the Laurée website, and possibly on posters.

Other images, of classic paintings having a slice carefully removed, would also be used for posters.

A limited number of “art cakes” (large cakes, to be sliced and showing Classical paintings), will be made and sold, in various types and sizes, as part of the promotion.


Leonardo da Vinci is struggling to get the perfect smile right. Mona Lisa sits straining to keep her big, toothy grin going. She keeps glancing at a plate filled with pastries that sit close by.

Leonardo: Hold it! I’ve got to get a fresh brush!

As Leonardo moves from the shot, Mona finally succumbs to temptation and grabs a macaroon, which she stuffs in her mouth. When Leonardo returns, her grin has been replaced by a “mysterious” smile. She guiltily wipes some crumbs from her mouth.

Leonardo: What’s the mysterious smile all about, Mona?

[He glances at his watch, which is modern]

Leonardo: Oh well, it’ll have to do, I suppose.

Mona hiccups then regains her posture. The image transforms into the classic painting.

VO: Ladurée – Making tasteful little masterpieces since 1862,

Copy and logo backup ideas:

“Ever since 1862 – just before the Impressionist painters in France exploded in a rainbow of colours across the world, Ladurée was making a lasting impression of their own – across the taste palate of the world!”

“I may not know much about art… but I know what I like!”