Messaging Concept:

All Together Now: Let’s Get Mobile

The first phrase implies connectivity, events, and community.

The second phrase implies physical mobility, event attendance, and m-commerce (as a play on words).

Together, the headline works as an upbeat play on live events, as if somebody is warming up a pre-show audience.

C-Suite communications: Big picture only. Business growth and gaining brand followers is central to the message.

TPM communication: More feature-driven, with an emphasis on data availability and consistent results, as well as enhancement of TPM strategies.

End User communication: Feature-driven, with a lighter touch and an emphasis on ease-of-use and consistency of results.

CTA: Based on a recent study I saw somewhere recently, showing a much higher click-through rate for single CTAs placed at the end of emails. A/B test for Braze.


The copy is presented strictly as first draft, without any knowledge of design. In the second draft, I would look to the design requirements, with a view to potentially shortening copy and/or making other changes.

The amount of copy used here may have been shorter if plans for the landing page were already in place.

I wanted to “introduce” XXXXX only enough to create click-through-level curiosity across email messaging; and follow-up-level curiosity for print messaging.

With that in mind, the copy could have been shorter, playing up on the curiosity factor and filling in those blanks on the landing page. I tried to make it work this way, so that I could express some of my company research.