Monica Giltheart Series Pitch

David O’ Sullivan wrote and directed the pilot episode.

Monica Giltheart – Series One: (30-minute episodes).

Episode 1. ‘Wendy The Witch.’ Monica accidentally turns her enemy Wendy into an ugly witch. Wendy is angry, until she realizes that she now has magic powers, too. She learns to love her new powers, especially when using them in a plan to destroy Monica… and control her magic pencil.

Episode 2. ‘The IT Girl.’ Monica uses her magic pencil to make herself incredibly popular, but her new ‘friends’ soon drive her real friends away, while Wendy sees a new opportunity to steal the magic pencil.

Episode 3. ‘Stupid Cupid.’ Monica, believing her teacher to be lonely, makes a fellow teacher fall in love with her, to the chagrin of his bossy fiancé. Meanwhile, she also makes her mother’s new boyfriend go bald and her dad grow his hair back. Wendy, meanwhile, is up to her old tricks.

Episode 4. ‘The Gift.’ On her birthday, Monica uses her pencil to have amazing gifts sent to herself, causing her to neglect the more modest presents from her parents and her friend, hurting them. Wendy, meanwhile, manages to kidnap Sowhat — the magic spirit of the pencil.

Episode 5. ‘Something Big.’ (Part One.) Monica, on overhearing her mother say that Wendy is probably “Scared of her own shadow,” draws a shadow, magically containing all the things Wendy fears most.

From this point on, whoever sees the shadow sees their own greatest fears in the darkness.

The shadow terrifies Wendy, then starts taking over the town, haunting and terrifying everybody. Realizing its biggest threat is Monica, it comes to destroy her.

Episode 6. ‘Something Small.’ (Part Two.) Monica evades the shadow, but realizes that she needs to rethink things. Sowhat, having been caught in it, is in hiding, forcing Monica to use “a different kind of magic.”

Wendy decides to use her non-magic pencil to draw “something small.” With this, she finally confronts Wendy in a very unexpected way.