How Pinterest Helps You Choose Your Perfect Wedding Flowers

Pinterest is a combination of free website, social network, and virtual pinboard that enables you to follow others, collect and share images, comment, and have people follow you.

Great — but here’s why Lovingly is writing about it.

40 million people a year use Pinterest for wedding planning inspiration.

And there are good reasons for that, which we’ll go into in this post.

Lovingly loves Pinterest because it helps us find even more ways to inspire and educate happy couples before they have a wedding flowers consultation with a local florist.

Brides-to-be can share their Pinterest Wedding Boards with their Wedding Florists from the very start.

Pinterest images become part of the information package sent to that florist, presenting a wealth of information about your vision, pre-consultation.

So let’s get into some details about how Pinterest can help your Big Day go your way.

Why is Pinterest so Popular for Weddings?

Pinterest is the perfect place to store all your inspired ideas about your upcoming wedding.

It’s also a great community in which to search for images and ideas to inspire you and add to your collection.

Wedding dresses, wedding flowers, wedding themes, wedding venues and more can all be thrown into the visual mix as you discover images that inspire you.

Still, that could get confusing after a while, right?

Actually, no. With Pinterest, organization is built in and highly intuitive, so not only can you throw all your ideas into one image-friendly place, you can pick and choose how and where you see those images within the platform.

Pinterest helps put your vision into focus.

Let’s take a deeper dive.

What is a Wedding Inspiration Board?

Once signed up to Pinterest, creating a board is as simple as clicking a button.

So you could create a board named My Wedding Inspiration Board.

This would be the place you save — or pin — all the wedding images that inspire you. When you need to start organizing,  you could create as many separately named sections within that board as you need. For example:

  • Wedding dresses
  • Wedding flowers
  • Wedding Theme ideas

and so on.

Or you could create a number of boards and name each with their specified titles, just like the section titles shown above. You could then use the sections each board offers to dive deeper. So a dedicated Wedding Flowers board could have sections like:

  • Bridal bouquets
  • Centerpieces
  • Boutonnieres

and more.

In other words, it’s completely up to you!

If you wanted to collect wedding images based around certain colors, or wedding themes like: classic, rustic, bohemian or Harry Potter themed, you can use the above described organizational boards to separate them into their own areas.

And with easy drag-and-drop features — along with other new features — you can organize your boards on your main page — as well as the content within each of those boards — very easily.

With drag and drop, you simply click on an image or board and move it to where you want it to be.

So if you have variously styled wedding dresses pinned in a board or section, and some share the same color, you could simply drag and drop them next to each other.


How Else Can I Use Pinterest?

One thing Pinterest does is give you control!

If you have friends who continuously give advice and ideas, why not ask them to create their own wedding board on Pinterest and share it with you? Or, share your board with them!

The social side of Pinterest is powerful and important.

And searching for ideas on Pinterest is effectively limitless.

Countless businesses use Pinterest to get attention for their work, while Pinterest itself will offer suggestions based on images you’ve chosen!

Beyond that, there are literally millions of people pinning images you can find.

You will never feel alone!

Will My Florist Want to See My Board?


Allowing your florist to see your very favorite images and ideas enables her/him to see through your eyes and really get a feel for how you see your wedding day.

In fact, Lovingly Weddings includes Pinterest integration, enabling couples to share select boards directly with their florist.

A picture paints a thousand words.

Then again, a thousand pictures could get confusing — that’s why you should do some thinking about what you love the most. For example:

Flicking through your wedding boards, between wedding dresses and flowers, for example, will enable you to start matching by color and style.

As you do this, you could create a new board where your color scheme/theme starts to take shape.

And that’s a very simple, very BIG STEP!

Turning up for your initial wedding flowers consultation with these ideas in place will make your florist very happy — and your consultation will be a rewarding one.

So get on Pinterest and start pinning!

What Other Wedding Flowers Ideas Are There?

Pinterest is a great place to start putting images together, comparing and contrasting; coming up with color themes and overall wedding themes will help you make great progress.

Lovingly loves Pinterest. So if you’re pinterested — whoops! — interested, check out Pinterest today!